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Convenient Vehicle Storage Solutions at GTB Car Storage

Secure, Affordable Indoor Vehicle Storage near Burton upon Trent

GTB Car Storage stands as your trusted, local, and dependable indoor vehicle storage specialist. Established in 2016, GTB Car Storage has consistently offered effortless vehicle storage solutions to satisfied customers in the Leicestershire, Warwickshire, and Derbyshire regions for several years.

Rest assured, your vehicle is in safe and secure hands with us. Don't hesitate to reach out for further details; call us now or start an online chat.

Home: Welcome

Why store with us?

You Can Trust Us

We provide customers the convenience and security they deserve for all their vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a long or short term solution - our services are designed to suit your needs. 

Our site is remote operated with electric barriers, gates, cctv and alarm systems for your peace of mind, that your vehicle is safe and secure at all times.

We ensure our facility is clean, dry and secure at all times, to ensure your vehicle is kept in tip top condition.

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Gated Facilites

Electric Gates and Barriers ensure extra security

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Remote View CCTV

Operated throughout the whole of our site and inside the facility.

Security Alarm

Remote Response Alarm

Our remote response alarm system is permanently monitored in the event of a security breach

Home: What We Offer

What vehicles can be stored ?

Image by Hayes Potter
Wedding Van
Image by Oli Woodman
Custome Motorbike

Classic Car and Summer Toys

Whether you're considering storage for your classic Ferrari or your beloved summer sports car, our competitive pricing begins at just £120.00 plus VAT Per Month.

VW Campers

Shield your Volkswagen camper from the harsh elements, keeping it secure and dry throughout the winter months or all year round. We're all too familiar with the unpredictable nature of British weather. By storing your classic camper indoors, you can guarantee it remains in pristine condition year after year.

Everyday Vehicles

We provide secure vehicle storage for your daily driver, ensuring its safety. If you're heading on holiday for a few weeks and prefer not to leave your cherished vehicle exposed to prying eyes, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


Whether you own a classic Harley or a spirited summer Kawasaki, we provide a safe haven within our indoor, dry, and secure storage facility. Our prices for this peace of mind begin at just £50.00 plus VAT Per Month.

Home: Packing Supplies

Packages and Pricing

Choose The Best For You

Home: Storage Options

Basic Vehicle Storage

Full report of vehicle condition upon entry
Monthly Check of Fluids and Tyres
Tyres inflated to 50 psi to avoid flat spotting (upon request)
£120.00 plus VAT (upto 5m in length) Per Month
American/Extra long, wide/supercars, 4x4's and vans are priced on an individual basis
All prices are based on a monthly basis
*Minimum term of 3 months storage between September and February*

Motorbike Storage

Full Report of vehicle condition upon entry
Monthly Check of Fluids and Tyres
Tyres inflated to 50 psi to avoid flat spotting (upon request)
£50.00 plus VAT Per Month
*Minimum term of 3 months storage between September and February*

Battery Conditioner/Charger

Keep your battery topped up and in
good operational condition
(You provide the charger*, we provide the electricity)
£12.00 plus VAT Per Month


Hire one of our chargers

£15.00 plus VAT Per Month

*Chargers must be PAT tested for electrical safety or we can arrange this for £15.00 plus vat - tested annually

Keep the components moving

We offer a service to run your vehicle up to its full working temperature once a month, ensuring that vital fluids and pumps remain well-used and adequately lubricated. This service is available at a cost of

£15.00 plus VAT Per Month


If you desire to have your car washed or detailed upon entry or before collection, please inform us, and we would be delighted to provide you with a customized quote for this additional service.

Collection & Delivery

Our convenient collection and delivery service eliminates the transportation hassle to and from our storage facility. If you require your vehicle to be picked up or brought back to you, we are more than willing to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Please reach out to us in advance to discuss your options and make the process as smooth as possible.

Vehicle Logistics

Available for Storage and non storage customers.

Our versatile pick-up and car transporter trailer combination is available for both storage and non-storage customers. It features a full tilt bed and extended ramps, making it suitable for low ground clearance or modified vehicles. Additionally, it comes equipped with a powered winch for non-running vehicles, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Rest assured, we are fully insured, prioritizing the safety of your vehicle. This combination offers a generous payload capacity of up to 2650kg, providing you with a reliable and robust transportation solution.


Contact Us

Barwell, Leicestershire UK

 Brailsford, Derbyshire, UK

Hinckley: 01455 857228

Derby: 01283 357450

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